Healthy Meal Plans for Every Fitness Goal

Keto, Vegan & other options for Weight-loss, Muscle Gain & More

Health and fitness is different for everyone. It’s why our meal plans are customizable, flexible and powered to fuel you. Choose your ready-made meals based on our 3 Signature meal plans and then personalise them further with our complete range of dietary options

Meal plans by Fitness Goal

Weight Loss

Light, small sized meals perfect for healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Performance Maintenance

Medium sized meals to maintain performance body weight and repair lean muscle.

Muscle Gain

Large, heavy sized meals to fuel muscle gain. Best suited for serious athletes and large appetites.

Meal Plans by Dietary Preference & Requirement


your lifestyle with clean plant protein.

Thrive on nourishing, balanced meals based on veggies, legumes, herbs, spices, nuts–and a clean conscience.


Dive into healthy meals built around nutrient-dense seafood.

Reach new levels from omega-3 rich protein served with an abundance of veggies and wholegrains.


Wholefood, gluten-free meals you can trust.

Enjoy the peace of mind with ready-made gluten-free meals, bursting with real flavour and good-for-you protein, carbs and veggies.


See the results you want with our Keto range.

Supercharge your journey with low carb and high fat meals that retain healthy micronutrients. Think: red meat, fatty fish, nuts, and butters.


Enjoy balanced and wholefood meals, minus the dairy.

Made with high-quality proteins, and packed full of micronutrients, our dairy-free meals give the peace of mind you deserve.

Want to mix-&-match?

Throw the rules out the window with our Custom Meal Builder. Create your own meals by choosing your protein, carbs, vegetables and sauce to the exact grams.

Our Custom Meal builder will calculate all your nutrition info and tell you everything you need to know. Adjust your meal to create the perfect combination of protein, fat, carbs, sodium and overall calories.

Perhaps you fancy…

Thai chicken meatballs + Vermicelli noodles + Green beans + Broccoli + Honey soy sauce

Or maybe…

Atlantic salmon + Roasted sweet potato + Brown rice + Spinach + a wedge of lemon

Whatever you’re craving, with the Custom Meal Builder your possibilities are limitless.