Halal Meal Delivery & Healthy Meal Prep | Food4Fitness

Healthy Halal Meal Delivery

Designed and prepared by our dieticians and professional chefs, Food4Fitness offers hassle-free and healthy halal meal delivery across Australia. Allow us to eliminate the guesswork and stress of meal planning and preparation and enjoy delicious halal meals delivered straight to your door.

Halal Meal Prep 

At Food4Fitness, all premium cuts and products are sourced from Halal certified suppliers. We don’t use any pork or alcohol-based products and take serious precautions with all our cooking methods and preparation.*

We take pride in providing high quality, high protein halal meals to all communities. Carefully created in our commercial kitchen, our ready-made halal meals are light, portion-controlled and delicious, with all macronutrients calculated to help you achieve your health goals.  

Halal Meal Delivery & Healthy Meal Prep | Food4Fitness

Halal Meal Delivery Locations

Food4Fitness offers healthy halal meal delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast and Gold Coast.   

If you are based in NSW, ACT, Central Coast, Newcastle Or Hunter Region, simply place your order before 9 pm on Wednesday and have gourmet halal meals delivered on either Sunday/Monday or the following Wednesday/Thursday. Alternatively, order by 9 pm on Friday and receive your ready-made halal meal delivery the next Wednesday/Thursday. 

For customers based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, order your meals before 9 pm on Wednesday or Friday for delivery the following Friday or Saturday.

Why order Food4Fitness Halal Meal Delivery? 

  1. Say good goodbye to hours of halal meal prep and let our team of professionals do the work for you. 
  2. Our range of signature halal meals can help support your health and fitness goals, whether weight loss, performance maintenance or muscle gain. 
  3. Our $99 Weight Loss Program provides the perfect range of diet food to help you achieve your goals. The program includes ten light and tasty pre-set 250g meals to support weight loss.
  4. Our halal meals are made using top quality, sustainable nutritional food with premium protein, lower GI carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and healthy fats.
  5. Our menu is inspired by cuisines from around the globe which means a wide variety of flavours and dishes to suit all palettes. From Mild Korma Chicken Curry and Lean Beef Italian Bolognese to Singapore Chicken Noodles or Jamaican Jerk Spiced Chicken Drumettes, dinner time will never be dull.
  6. Our range of healthy halal meal plans also caters to whatever your dietary requirements, whether vegan, keto, gluten-free, dairy-free or soy-free.
  7. We provide quick and easy halal meal delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast and Gold Coast.  

How to order Food4Fitness Halal Meal Delivery

Simply select your signature meal serving size, the number of meals you would like, tick any dietary requirements and order. Halal meal delivery has never been easier!

*Please note our factory is not yet certified by the A.F.I.C