Top-Tier Meal Delivery in Melbourne for a Healthier You

Experience the convenience of gourmet, healthy meals delivered directly to your Melbourne home. Food4Fitness specialises in creating meals that are delicious and nutritionally balanced, tailored by our expert dieticians and chefs.

Melbourne’s Go-To for Diverse Meal Plans

Food4Fitness knows that every body is different. That’s why we developed our 3 Signature Ready-Made Meal Plans to help you achieve all of your fitness and health goals.

Weight Loss

Expertly crafted, small-sized meals to support your weight loss journey.

Performance Maintenance

Medium-sized meals, perfect for maintaining your body’s performance level and muscle health.

Muscle Gain

Large, calorie-dense meals to support muscle gain, catering to athletes and those with larger appetites.

Dietary requirements won’t hold back our Food4Fitness community from smashing their goals. We offer a range of customisable dietary options for you to choose from.


Testimonials: Melbourne Loves Food4Fitness


You can also custom build your own meals! Not something I’ve yet seen in other meal service providers! They ALSO have a bulk cooked pack option where you can select pre-cooked proteins in bulk, at a much more affordable rate.

– Ophelia H.


Didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. Steak is somehow still tender and not overdone after microwaving, salmon and chicken equally tasty. One of the few meal prep companies that actually seasons their meals and provides ample sauce for the protein and sides. .

– Edward S.


I love food4fitness meals!!!! Always so fresh and tasty! There’s so much variety to suit everyone’s needs. I’ve been loving the bulk meal packs, it saves me so much time on meal prepping and they taste way better than I ever could cook 😂😂 Service is always amazing!

– Tayah P.

Order Healthy Pre-Made Meals

Select your Food4Fitness
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Decide which of our Signature Ready -Made Meal Plans best aligns to your goals.

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Why is Food4Fitness the Best Meal Delivery Service in Melbourne?

Melbourne meal delivery with Food4Fitness means the hard work is done for you.
All you need to do is enjoy your 100% fresh, healthy and gourmet meals.

Macros made

Comprehensive nutritional information with every meal.

Say goodbye to
hours of meal prep

Forget the long hours of meal preparation.

Never clean
another dish

All Food4Fitness meals come in convenient grab & go packaging, which means you’ll never need to worry about washing up again.

Range of world

Enjoy a wide range of international cuisines, keeping your meals exciting and diverse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meal Delivery in Melbourne

When do you deliver to addresses in Melbourne?

To find the home delivery options for your suburb of Melbourne, please enter your postcode in our Delivery Finder.

If you’re based in Melbourne and place your order before Thursday 9pm, you will receive your meals on Tuesday or before Monday 9pm for meal delivery on Friday.

Likewise, Melbournians who order before Friday 9pm will receive their delivery on the next Wednesday/Thursday.

How often do meals arrive from Food4Fitness?

We cook to order every 2-3 days, which means we deliver your meals as frequently as you need them.

How much prep do I have to do with Food4Fitness meals?

All you need to enjoy your delivered Food4Fitness meals is a microwave. Simply remove the label on your meal, pierce the film and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.

What are your keto meal options for delivery in Melbourne?

Food4Fitness offers a range of keto meal delivery for Melbournians. All you have to do is explore our menu and customize your order to align with a keto diet by selecting a mixed veg side on keto-approved meals.

Are your meals high in fat or added sugar?

We’re proud to deliver gourmet, healthy and delicious meals to our Food4Fitness community. It’s why our customers keep coming back for more. So, you can trust that our meals are low sugar and high fat—but only the good fats of course!

Vegan Meal Delivery in Melbourne
Food4Fitness offers convenient vegan meal delivery in Melbourne, with a variety of fresh plant-based meals on offer. Eating vegan isn’t always easy so save time and energy and allow us to deliver delicious, healthy vegan meals straight to your door. We specialise in delivering a range of plant-based meals, from high protein breakfasts to gourmet lunches and dinners, to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Healthy Meal Delivery Melbourne | Keto & More

Bulking Meal Delivery in Melbourne
If you’re looking for bulking meal delivery in Melbourne, Food4Fitness is at your service. With signature meals created specifically for those looking to bulk up, our selection of bulking meals can help you achieve your fitness goals. Our larger, heavier-sized meals are designed around weight or muscle gain and are suitable for serious athletes, individuals with big appetites or those looking to increase their food intake. For the best bulking meal options in Melbourne, order online with Food4Fitness.

Keto Meals Delivery in Melbourne
Food4Fitness can help make Keto easy with keto-friendly meal delivery in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Let us take out the guesswork and hours of meal planning and preparation with a range of cleverly designed Keto meals that take inspiration from around the world. Simply select the Keto option and discover a range of signature meals to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Order online with Food4Fitness for the best Keto meal delivery service in Melbourne.