Gourmet Meal Delivery Straight to Your Door in Gold Coast

Welcome to a world where healthy, gourmet, and customisable meals are delivered directly to your doorstep in Gold Coast. Food4Fitness is dedicated to crafting meals that blend taste with nutrition, prepared by our professional chefs and dieticians.

Designed and prepared by our dieticians and professional chefs, Food4Fitness puts in all the effort so you can enjoy the benefits of effortless, delicious and results-driven meals without the hassle.

Gold Coast’s Top Meal Plans: Catering to Every Health Goal

At Food4Fitness, we understand individuality in fitness and nutrition. Our 3 Signature Ready-Made Meal Plans are tailored to meet a range of health and fitness objectives:

Weight Loss

Our light, low-carb meals are designed for healthy weight management.

Performance Maintenance

Balanced, medium-sized meals to support your active lifestyle and muscle maintenance.

Muscle Gain

Hearty, large meals rich in nutrients, perfect for muscle building and high-energy needs.

Meal Customization: Keto, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free & Beyond

Gold Coast’s diverse dietary preferences are our priority. We offer an extensive range of customisable meals, ensuring everyone can easily achieve their fitness milestones.

Choose from our range of customisable dietary options so you can keep smashing your goals.


Why Food4Fitness is Gold Coast’s Favorite for Meal Delivery?


I love food4fitness meals!!!! Always so fresh and tasty! There’s so much variety to suit everyone’s needs. I’ve been loving the bulk meal packs, it saves me so much time on meal prepping and they taste way better than I ever could cook 😂😂 Service is always amazing!

– Tayah P.


Honestly the best meal prep company I have ever gone with. So fresh and tasty, the variety is incredible and I never get bored. My favourites are the gluten free pasta bolognese, butter chicken and pulled beef / pumpkin.

– Tamara E.


I used their custom build for my meals this time around. You get to choose the types of animal and the exact portion, as well as all the different veg you want and how much of each. I chose 300g of peri peri grass fed beef with 450g broccoli, cauliflower and squash. Exactly what i wanted and tasted great.

– Aaron C

How to Order Your Ideal Meals in Gold Coast

Select your Food4Fitness
meal plan

Decide which of our Signature Ready-Made Meal Plans best aligns to your goals and customize your meal to fit your diet and lifestyle.

Simply place your

Just enter your postcode and email address to choose from more than 50 signature meals. Choose from a range of delivery options and locations.

Enjoy effortless, healthy
& gourmet meals

Your delivered fresh meals can go straight in the fridge and are ready to be reheated at your convenience.

Gold Coast Meal Delivery FAQs

When do you deliver to Gold Coast addresses?

To find the home delivery options for your suburb on the Gold Coast, please enter your postcode in our Delivery Finder.

If you’re based on the Gold Coast and place your order before Thursday 9pm for Wednesday delivery and Monday 9pm for Friday delivery.

How often do meals arrive from Food4Fitness?

We cook to order every 2-3 days, which means we deliver your meals as frequently as you need them.

How much prep do I have to do with Food4Fitness meals?

All you need to enjoy your delivered Food4Fitness meals is a microwave. Simply remove the label on your meal, pierce the film and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.

What are your keto meal options for delivery in Gold Coast?

Food4Fitness offers a range of keto meal delivery for our Gold Coast community. All you have to do is explore our menu and customize your order to align with a keto diet by selecting a mixed veg side on keto-approved meals.

Are your meals high in fat or added sugar?

We’re proud to deliver gourmet, healthy and delicious meals to our Food4Fitness community. It’s why our customers keep coming back for more. So, you can trust that our meals are low sugar and high fat—but only the good fats of course!

Keto Meal Delivery on the Gold Coast
Embrace a hassle-free Keto lifestyle with Food4Fitness. Our Keto meal delivery offers a variety of low-carb, high-fat meals, bringing convenience and health right to your doorstep.

Gold Coast Meal Delivery | Organic, Keto & More

Weight Loss Diet Food Delivery on the Gold Coast
Achieving your weight loss goals is easier with Food4Fitness. Our weight loss meal delivery in Gold Coast provides perfectly portioned meals made with fresh ingredients and designed to help you stay on track.

Plant-Based Meal Delivery on the Gold Coast
Switching to a plant-based diet? Food4Fitness makes it effortless with a range of delicious, nutritionally balanced vegan dishes delivered conveniently to your Gold Coast home.