COVID-19 Statement

Dear Customer,

The health and safety of our customers, partners and couriers is Food4Fitness' top priority. We have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and in light of recent developments, have made some additional changes to how we operate to help ensure the safety of everyone using Food4Fitness' services. Our production has not been effected due to possible restrictions implemented by the government. We are able and will continue to be able to provide an ongoing service to you through these times. We will continue to operate and deliver our services across Australia as we will not be effected by lockdown. We know these times are tough and can have some serious implications for everyone, so we at Food4Fitness want to ensure you we are and will continue doing our best to ensure we can provide an ongoing service to you with the utmost premium quality and service.

Our Facility

Our facility runs under HACCAP regulation and as a precaution to ensure our operations continue with minimal disruptions, we have increased our already strong cleaning and sanitation processes. Food4Fitness facility runs with the utmost regulated processes governed by NSW Food Authority and Health regulations. Our systems are already strong and effective, so the increased sanitation process will only make it stronger.

We have now also put in place additional measures where we have split our workforce so that our employees are rotating shifts to minimise any disturbance. We will continue to run strong and as per normal.

Delivery and Production

As you are aware The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends social distancing to help prevent the spread of illness. So, in order to help our customers follow this guidance, we have ramped up our PRODUCTION, DELIVERY and SERVICES to ensure we can meet the necessary demand. As we are all tending to stay indoors, demand has increased for our services and we believe it will continue. So to ensure we can meet necessary demands we have increased delivery drivers on the road and we are working around the clock to keep our standard and service at its best.

Supporting Suppliers

We have continued to provide and share the latest guidance from leading health authorities to all of our partners and have increased provisions for keeping food protected during the delivery process. It’s important to remember health authorities have confirmed there is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 is transmitted via food. Customers can feel confident to continue to order from our platform as they normally would, knowing we are taking food safety and health very seriously and will continue to update guidance as the situation evolves.

At the present time suppliers have not been effected and we believe they will not be effected as the majority of our supplies are Australian made and grown, so will continue to provide you with quality and assurances.

Communicating with couriers

We as a network continue to share 3rd party food couriers. We are implementing the latest guidance on how to safely operate in the current environment, as well as additional recommendations on how to best interact with customers and to best ensure the cleanliness of all delivery services.

Ongoing monitoring

We always take our responsibility as a company that delivers premium quality food to our customers very seriously and in light of the current situation, will continue to implement updated systems for you and everyone across the Food4Fitness community when it comes to food safety and health. We are prepared to continue to take further action as the situation continues to evolve.

For more information, please visit the Australian Department of Health’s COVID-19 Information Page or the World Health Organisation Advice Page.

We at Food4Fitness would like to thank you for the support and want to ensure we are doing our best to provide a ongoing service to you.

The health and safety of you and our staff is our main priority, with focus on minimising disruption to business trade for both parties. I am sure that many of you find the uncertainty of the current situation unsettling but we will work through this together. We are grateful for your support and we wish everyone safe and well. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 MACROS.

We would also like to offer you ongoing discount through this period to assist where we can. Please use the code QUALITY10 for an ongoing discount of 10% off through the month of March.

Kind regards,

Team Food4Fitness Pty Ltd