10 Delicious Gym Food Ideas for Australian Athletes

High-intensity cardio workouts and muscle crunching gym exercises are a great way to move the needle, whether losing weight or building muscle mass. But we all know the real magic happens in the kitchen.

Nutrition and eating healthy play a pivotal role in achieving our fitness goals but trying to work out how to fuel and refuel before and after a gym session can often feel overwhelming. Whether looking for an energy boost, a little added endurance and performance, or ways to build and repair muscle, it’s hard to know what gym food is best.

We have rounded up 10 of the best workout meal ideas to get you set both before and after a heart-thumping gym session. Plus side is that these easy gym food ideas can be delivered straight to your door, saving you the guesswork and all that meal prep.

10 Easy Gym Food Ideas for Australian Athletes | Food4Fitnes

Pre-Gym Snack for a Quick Energy Hit

If you are rolling out of bed for a 6 am class, chances are you won’t have a chance to rustle up a proper breakfast. This tasty snack is ideal when you are on the go and need a quick energy fix.

The Choc Mint Slice looks naughty but is packed with healthy ingredients like cashew nuts, dates and cacao butter and have enough carbs and protein to get you through your morning session.

10 Easy Gym Food Ideas for Australian Athletes | Food4Fitnes

Pre-Workout Carbo Load

There is a reason why marathon runners eat a big bowl of pasta the night before running. Muscles use glucose from carbohydrates as fuel, and glycogen stores act as a key energy source needed during high-intensity workouts. But a healthy balance is vital and incorporating other macronutrients like protein and fat into your gym meals is highly recommended.

So why not start your morning right with Natural Organic Coconut Yogurt with Organic Honey Granola Mix with unsweetened coconut cream and live vegan cultures. This breakfast delight will get you through your workout with an impressive 47 grams of carbs.

Tuck into the oven-roasted Peri Peri Chicken Breast — with 43 grams of carbs —the night before a workout. Chicken is rubbed with Portuguese style seasoning, topped with peri-peri sauce and served with lemon wedge and basmati rice.

Alternatively, the Gluten-Free High Protein Beef Lasagna, with 43 grams of carbs, is made of pasta sheets layered with lean bolognese sauce, topped with tasty parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

And for fish lovers, there is the Sous Vide Hake Fillet with 61 grams of carbs. Delicious hake fillets are marinated with aromatics, complete with intense honey soy flavours, lemon wedge and basmati rice.

Post-Workout Protein Punch

Consuming enough protein is crucial as it helps muscles to heal and repair after a gruelling workout. It also helps build new muscle tissue, so is a must-have macronutrient in your post-gym meals.

Protein isn’t only reserved for meat, as evident in the High Protein Tofu with Satay Sauce with 21 grams of protein. Oven-baked high protein tofu is seasoned and topped with fragrant peanut sauce and served with stir-fried brown rice.


With just under 40 grams of protein, the Chargrilled Grass Fed Rump with Mexican Sauce is served with peas, corn, capsicum and basmati rice and makes the perfect post-gym meal.

Last on the list is Slow Cooked Premium Grass-Fed Pulled Lamb Shank with Greek Seasoning and 38 grams of protein. Lamb fillets are seasoned with Mediterranean style rub and served with lemon wedge and basmati rice.

10 Easy Gym Food Ideas for Australian Athletes | Food4Fitnes

Post-Gym Lean Machine

If weight loss is your goal, this selection of calorie-controlled options will have you set.

Under 200 calories — the Slow Cooked Grass-Fed Pulled Beef is given an American style dry rub, roasted for 8 hours and served with roasted pumpkin on the side.

And for veggie lovers, the Vegetarian Cottage Pie is just 235 calories and is packed with lentils, hearty vegetables, and topped with creamy mashed potato.

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